Zeromyraid also known as Quentin is a chatango user who originated from a chat known as PokeJungle. He was so infamous there that it lead to the moderators feeling intimidated by his superiority. Out of fear the moderators were forced to ban him. Years after the events at Jungle, many such as Luigi still cannot yet come to terms over what has happened so they still remain salty and fear his return.

Eventually Zeromyraid found his way to a chat known as Novastorm which he has continued to use over the years. Here he made many new friends and a few enemies. One such enemy was the wretched hermaphrodite known as Tiffinydiva who was filling his friend Charizardf1 with vile blinding corruption. Luckily for Charizardf1 however, Zeromyraid knew exactly what needed to be done. With the combined strength of himself and his friends they managed to send her spiralling back into the pits of oblivion from which she came. As ignorant to this fact as Charizardf1 is, Zero and co saved both his soul and his anus.

Although he does not appear to look like a hero, he often deals out swift justice whenever it is needed and many believe that he is the hero Novastorm needs but does not deserve.


Here is an image of his longtime waifu

He is also apparently into mature women.