Violet The Umbreon

Violet (full name Violet, Rebecca, Grim) is a purple Umbreon and one of the only few purple Umbreon she's back in The Eevee Clan after doing stuff and things.


Violet can be described as a tsundere Umbreon most of the time, having a quick temper and being quite blunt when it comes to her honesty. Violet is also protective of the people she really cares about such as her son piks and her friend, Snivy whom she calls by a special name. Due to her lazyness, she tends to shorten people's names or call people by special nicknames she creates herself, often without their permission, to make things simple and quick for herself. Violet also prefers intelligence over kindness and tends to state her opinions on things that don't even concern her, making the situation worse by doing so.but even after all of this, Violet shows kind moments, like when she tries to make people laugh with her silly comments and tries to comfort people that she sees as a victim, defending them when needed. When Violet doesn't hate people, she messes or teases them in a kind way to show that fact, such as how she teases her friend Koray and her other friend, Eclipse she also teases Piks, Kato and Rainer sometimes.


Unlike a normal Umbreon, Violet has purple rings around her ears, on her forhead, tail, arms and hind legs she also has a scuff of fur over her forhead,and pretty sky blue eyes and can often be seen wearing her favorite light pink scarf around her neck  Violet also has hidden vampire fangs that grow and shrink at will.