The Eevee Clan (link here) is a Pokemon Roleplay Chatroom. The people in this chat are very outgoing, and like nice people however as all chats have, there will always be trolls. A few years back, the Eevee Clan consisted of different members such as DjDewott, AmyTheEmolga, DepressedLeafeon, and CookieTheMew. Now the chat has grown and a lot more people are there now. Some of the people who used to go on there still do sometimes.


The clan is full of people to roleplay with and they can be very nice. The roleplay style here is really a go with the flow style not as much as a organized roleplay.

A chat that will go down as a pretty well known site with good/bad memories


"Rules are: Dont be rude, no cyber, no spam/flooding. These are only some, so I recommend that you watch out." -StealthyEevee, the founder of the clan.

The Clans rules are: <- listed there because I am lazy atm



  • StealthyEevee
  • Peyton


  • Piks
  • Snivythecutie
  • RogueLatios


  • 2pichubros