Tgarr28 is a mentally handicapped chatango user which is the admin of the chat known as Tgarr2 (yes he named it after himself, so what?!?!?). This chat has always been a bit of a mystery as over the years it has stayed relatively active despite Tgarr's own efforts to destroy his chat. Whenever he experienced mental breakdowns he would randomly ban users without a reason. He was also known to ban new users as he only liked a certain amount of users in Tgarr2 at once.

Fun Facts

Name: Travis

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Sexuality: Autism

Temperament: Aggressive

Chat: Tgarr2

Catchphrase: "Piff"


"I AM BADASS TIGER!!!!! COME TO TGARR2 IS THE BEST CHAT EVER THXS i have 53 accounts!!!! come!!!!! come to tgarr2 you will enjoy it trust me come to chat tgarr2 its the best chat ever you will know if you come my fav radio station is 95.3 bob wbpe and 95.7 your country and b 102.9 wxxb enjoy the chat i like 99.7 wshw shine 99 please come to the chat thxs i have 44 accounts"