Streakstar's full Chatango icon.

Streakstar, (or Streak) is Sparky's RP son.

he is a warrior cat leader of a clan and has a bit of primal in him (the necklace)

Profiles list

(He has a ton more than this, only the ones he regularly uses are listed)

Streakstar, Firestar, Longtail, Ravenpaw

RP Description

Streakstar has dark fur, amber eyes, white socks, ears, a white tip on his tail, and this white stripes running all over his body. He was a black and red thunderbolt necklace, which is the only thing stopping him from going primal and killing everything in sight (he can't control it yet). The white streaks of fur have some metal mixed in, being soft as fur normally, but they can be made as sharp and strong as steel.

At any time he has full control of the fur of his streaks. He can move them into any position and harden them. He can harden them while flat for more protection, harden them into a thin, sharp, flexible blade, or make them stand up and flick them off like a porcupine (after this they will grow back much quicker than normal fur).

For a more complete description, and an explanation of how he fits in the Pokemon world, read the story on his main profile page.


Streakstar has his own website, at

He currently hosts and maintains his own bot, Streakbot (which may or may not change names the next time it is rewritten)

He has coded for many years, starting with rblx.Lua the scripting language for the site Roblox, then html, css, and javascript to make websites, followed by a bit of Java, which is used for Minecraft mods.

When he found out about chatango bots, he wanted to make his own. When he was determined to make one, he learned all the Python he needed to make a good one in less than a day. His first bot was called Umbot, but as his skills grew, he wanted to change his bot, including the name. So Streakbot was made from brand new code, and may soon be rewritten again.