Spin also known as "Punk" was a user recruited from a dead chat (WPE) by Unright to a chat known as Novastorm during 27/8/2016. At first he seemed like quite a happy and relaxed member of the chat but this quickly changed. As time progressed he started to plummet into a deep and incurable insanity. He began to argue with many members over pointless things. Eventually his mind became so warped that he began to confess to the members of Novastorm that he was in fact a furry and he actually found anthropomorphic animals sexually attractive. This raised alarm bells for many regulars of the chat and they began trying to cure him of his insanity. Sadly however, they failed. As time progressed he got worse and worse. He began to laugh at videos of people dying in car crashes and he began describe his "type" of women, which I would like to highlight are women who look like men. Eventually Punk invited a user known as StupidTamTam to the chat. Tam was more insane than him at the time and she quickly lost any sanity she had left and experienced a mental breakdown which lead to her never being seen again. A few weeks after her break down he also had a similar thing happen to him. He then repeatedly asked for HMado to ban him despite many people warning him it would be permanent. He was too naive to listen and was made an out cast for quite a while. Now however he is surprisingly unbanned.


  • Playing pokemon
  • Causing drama
  • Wearing his fursuit
  • Fapping to animals
  • Admiring women who look like men


StupidTamTam (Dead)