Sparky (knows alias: Ninjahellokitty27 sparkeh sparkychu1995 sparkytheumbreon ect) was and still is a chatango user with some private accounts known to only a few select users who are close and family to her

Roleplay Backstory


current pic of the account

Sparky was originally a pikachu who was raised by her father dialga during a time battle with palkia Sparky and dialga got separated and she was thrown into the pokemon world alone and confused she met her Brother Pika the pichu (because i know Piks will complain if i don't add him XD) after that she a lot of her family including her mate Chaos she was in pika's lab until one day some weird potion splashed onto her making herself an eevee so ever since then she stays as the eevee she is


sparkys personality is basically a masochist yandere with sadisim miixed in she cares about her mate and family