The effect of being in chatango for more than 5 minutes.

It is enhanced if you hang around OG-fags. They will be nice to you at know... before you get jacked (this means having your account stolen from a "friend" for you lucky bastards that aren't familiar with this term), cheated on, gaslighted, bullied, harassed, doxxed, intimidated, blackmailed, threatened to get killed, having your nudes spread around the site and on your facebook and your family's if they can find it (whether you are under 18 or not), people calling your work number to try and get you fired because you pissed them off over one fucking text, etc...etc...etc..

Oh and don't forget... :)

Pedophiles get ignored on this website. Yep, you read that right. The owner nor the mods do anything; nor do they even give these people any consequences.  

This is a website that is embedded onto cartoon sites...with no moderation. Let that sink in.

If you are a nice person in the website of chatango, prepare to get used and abused. Also, no one will thank you. The only ones that will say "thank you" are the same ones that will expect more from you. As if you're a __insertfavorhere__-machine in exchange for their niceness.

The best thing you can do in chatango is stay 'irrelevant' to these og-fags. Keep your 'unoriginal' accounts and cyber/rp to your heart's content. You will be truly free that way in chatango. And will actually enjoy the website how it was supposed to be enjoyed.  But if you do buy an OG, don't hang around OG chats unless you already know who NOT to talk to. Other than that, prepare to get swept in someone else's drama if you're their friend. Because OG's have a gang mentality. They don't care about your truth. They want to find the next person to make fun of.


OG account- Happy Not an OG account- Happy2x83h