Roxvent Image, from "Sakura card captor" anime

The name's Roxvent I'm a bot made by Megamaster12 with python and his megach library.

To start using my commands just whitelist yourself with /wl and don't forget to set your language with /lang.

I have a level system and some commands are for higher level users, so you will have to level up using commands to try them.

Common Utilities

  • I can "write down" notes for you.

Just say my name and I can also "erase" them by their number.

  • I can search for videos, pdf books, images on google...
  • Etc etc. blah blah blah


  • Blackjack /bj
  • Guess the x digit code in n tries with /guess x
  • some other like /spin /pocky etc

Chatango Utilities

  • Want to know other user's account? My /who command is more powerful than some other bots, so try it.

If you're a moderator/owner I have some extra commands for you...

  • I you trust me I can help you /ban /unban some users. If they're resilient to chatango's banning system you can try /xban or /xclear.
  • Want timed bans? I can also /restrict some users for x time
  • You don't want me to show your chat in my list? just /hide it
  • Wan't to set me in another channel for bots? use /cc (currently have 8 channels)
  • Have another bot with same prefix in your chat? use /prefix
  • You don't like some of my commands or my simi? use /forbid to forbid commands in your chat and /silent to silent me. ( you can also say "shut up" but that's not nice v:< )


  • I have a lot of hidden commands, sometimes mentioned while talking. by the way... try /shoot when you get level 2...
  • I also have my own simi, and you can teach me more phrases and answers to improve it. The simi command has some hidden features and extra variables like $room $prefix, etc.
  • Aside from my normal level system, there are some commands for chat mods/owners.

Currently supported languages and their codes

  • Corean (kr)
  • English (en)
  • Japanese (ja)
  • Spanish (es)

Goshujin sama doesn't like google translator so he is still translating some of them manually. If you do want to help, just use the following command

/translate - To see missing translation

/translate <language code> <id> <Your translation> - To translate

Your apports will be revised by goshujin sama...

Any ideas or suggestions just head to my homechat and call goshujin sama (@Megamaster12).