Regulus is a longtime user of Chatango. Joining at the age of 14, he's possessed such accounts as: ravishingsin, slitheringly, canoodled. Though his old accounts have been deleted, he's remained on Regulus and has owned an unknown number of accounts that have been so far sold. Only most of the accounts have been used for role play with exception to ravishingsin, which is only used for html/css practice. They are an avid Harry Potter fan and a down-low fan of anime. His real name is known as Blake with a pseudo last name of Avery. 

Regulus was a regular at Boarroom and was very close toMicah. It is unknown if he frequented at other chat rooms websites, but he was also very close to Discouragement, Snarling, Mmaleficent, Seke,Toroking, and possibly others. 

This user did not belong to any clans nor role play groups. 


Regulus is an unfriendly user on chatango. He usually gets along with people if they don't cause drama or draw attention to themselves. He's been known to judge people heavily and give unneeded advice. Though he has been seen to genuinely care for select people and give good advice to them, it usually is for self benefit.

He has a strong dislike for drama starters and has been known for stirring the pot himself to make matters worse. The reasons behind this is unknown.

Though he is thorny in personality, he is good at giving advice when it's needed. He has a capacity for empathy and displays it with people he cares about. He's been known for being forgiving after a certain period of time, but will take jabs every so often.

Regulus dwells on 4chan, chatango, and youtube.