regular is Chatango slang for someone who normally goes on a Chat. A regular has normal conversations about their personal lives, in comparison to others who talk about the chat's normal topic.

Daily Life

As said above regulars come on a lot and are known to go to the chat everyday and know the rules. They usually can be talked to if you need to know something about the rules or about the chat. They also tend to treat each other like family and communicate much like one. Like all families there is fights. and may even talk to each other via outside methods(Skype,MSN,Facebook phones etc).

How to find one

To find who's a regular is really easy, just look for the user that everyone knows and probably has nicknames of. Or you could just talk to Ra and you will know the best regular. 

A Regulars Impact on Chat Degradation

Eventually people will begin to visit a chat regularly and as time progresses, they will start to learn everyone's names who visit the chat. As time passes, they will eventually start ignoring new chatters, due to them all being busy having their own conversations with their own friends. Complex social groups will form, and it may be hard for new chatters to get into them without a lot of effort being put in. As time progresses further, drama might occur, which will drag in many regulars as they all try to defend their friends. Usually drama causes many regulars to leave and the population to decrease, and due to many new chatters often being ignored/isolated by the rest, the numbers cannot be made back. The chat will become more and more lifeless until the regulars themselves quit the chat room. And then the chat will eventually slowly come back to life (if it is displayed on a good website). The decay of a community can take years to actually happen. An example of a chat where this happened was WPE, a pokemon fan chat which was present on a website where you could watch pokemon episodes and movies.

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