Red is a famous Pokémon Champion and a user on Chatango. Red is very well-known among Pokémon fans.

FireRed LeafGreen Red
Red, from the Pokémon games.

Full Name

Red (Last name unknown)



Home Region


Starter Pokémon

Pikachu, as seen in Pokémon Yellow

On Chatango

Red is liked very much by Pokémon fanatics. Some avid fans of the anime, however, prefer his counterpart, Ash. Red is also an account on Chatango.


Red is silent, and seeks for power. He is a loner and is incredibly persistent in his goals.

Other Counterparts

In the 4 episode miniseries called Pokémon Origins, Red is much like his game counterpart, except with more personality. 
Red PO

Red, as seen in Pokémon Origins.


  • Red has never spoke in the games.
  • Red's Pokémon are based on Ash's Pokémon in the Orange Islands.
  • Unlike Ash, Red managed to catch all the known Pokémon during his generation, with the exception of Mew.