Raixes is a kawaii Bot Created by Chatango user-Kira568,It Roams in is a wonderful bot with great innovative future updates in work.Feel Free to give us a visit and join the fun.Everybody is warmly welcomed.

Present Commands

The prefixes u can use before giving raixes a command are "!" or "." or "," or "/"

To fetch the command list u can use the command "commands" in the

Future Updates Planned

To Fetch the list of Future Planned Updates from raixes u can use the command "Plans".

Future updates planned are-

  • Youtube Search Command
  • Nickname command
  • defination command
  • Others very innovative commands which are secret for now

All the updates are planned to be added really soon.


Link For The present Chatrooms raixes is

Pm Kira568 in chatango,if u want to add raixes to your chatroom or want to know more about bot.


Thanks to Harunoyaki and Thislagsalot for bot's name suggestions and motivations to keep updating bot.