The Trading Card Maker Chat (formally known as the Pokemon Card Maker Chat) is a Chatango chatroom that was created around 2009. 

Pokemon Card Maker

The TCM chat first started out as a Pokemon Card Maker website. It became very popular among Pokemon fans for being able to create Pokemon Cards. And to attract more users, there was a Chatango chatroom, where people could chat. This became a very popular chat spot due to the Pokemon Card Maker. Though, around late 2009/2010, The Pokemon Card Maker template then closed, due to lawsuits from Nintendo.

TCM Maker

The website replaced the Pokemon Card Maker with a regular Trading Card maker with a different template design than the Pokemon one. Some people left due to this, and some stayed. The chat survived for a long time, until around late 2011(?)/early 2012, when the chat closed down, and the site chnaged to "Deckromancy"