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Pokémon (Japanese: ポケットモンスター Pocket Monstersポケモン Pokémon for short) is an overarching media franchise by Ninendo, first appearing in 1996 with the release of its first entries. The game series has since inspired an array of media, including an anime, a card game, numerous manga, as well as various spin-off games.

The series focuses on the creatures known as Pokémon as well as their inhabited world, one full of legends, tales, and adventures. Several interpretations of the world explore different themes and elements. Most commonly, Pokémon coexist with humans and can be caught, trained and used in battles and other activities. Trainers, along with their Pokémon, travel across diverse lands, aiming to make their fantasies become reality.

On Chatango

Pokémon is a famous topic on Chatango, with the majority of people who Role Play using Pokémon as an RP topic. Famous Pokémon on Chatango include Pikachu, Eevee, and other Eeveelutions and Legendaries. 

Notable Pokémon

Notable Characters