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Piks' current Chatango icon.

Piks (or Pika by his friends) is a user of Chatango. He used to go on The Eevee Clan quite often. He has also created the 2PichuBros (Now under the account Bros) bot. He also managed to break all bots for a short time by emailing chatango about The Eevee Clan lagging. Piks is quite nice once you get to know him, and he knows a lot of people on Chatango though, and if he's not nice, he's AWESOME and just cause he's a pichu doesn't mean he's weak. But if he's messed with, he retaliates by getting revenge. So be careful! Btw I am AWESOME

RP Information

Name: Piks/Pika

Known Ability: Static (May paralyze people who touch)

Eevee stand in rain remake

Eevee stand in rain remake


Hidden Ability: Lightning Rod (Immune to Electric-Type Attacks)

Image Moveset Items
172 Thunderbolt, Quick Attack Light Ball,Everstone,Variety of berries

Old Roleplay

Pika really isnt a dark person really he just is infected by a virus called Dark Rage that he was tricked into making by Team Rocket. This virus is incurable as of today and was made thinking oh this will be used to help pokemon evolve and have better control and more power. this however had massive side effects. The I have no control and want to kill everything kind of side effects. The extent of the virus was manageable most of the time it stayed hidden. But when it came out..... have fun stopping it, Sparky and Lone had fun stopping it, Love ya sis :P
Image Moveset Items
Pikachu gif Thunder,psychic,any dark move,teleport Modified Light Ball,Variety of berries

P.S I tend to try to find out who edits my page so if u see a text smaller then the rest blue and underlined i found you >:) and hover over it to see my "input" ~Pika