Pastebin bots are bots that have stolen codes from pastebin sites that were not created by the bot owner themselves. Programmers refer to these bots with the term "kang", meaning codes that were stolen and the bot owner taking credit for somebody else's work. Any bots on chatango or anywhere that do contain pastebin codes are considered pastebin bots.

Most pastebin bots either use the old botteh's or MizukeBot's (which also contains old botteh codes in it) bot scripts.

If you edit those codes that came from a pastebin site, your bot is still considered a pastebin bot because of where the code/source came from. Editing codes that you did not create does NOT make it yours.

Bots that are bolded are currently active.

List of Pastebin Bots

  • AliceAishite
  • Annerie
  • Aparecera
  • Pegasus786
  • Cake
  • Chapieee
  • Chitoseshirasawachan
  • Codecz
  • CressLuna
  • Botsan
  • DaisukeSenpai
  • evillawnmower
  • FgtBot
  • HatterBot
  • Junior22321
  • JustHusen
  • JustMadB0tt
  • KenKanekl 
  • Kuroyukihime22
  • Ladiesplay
  • Lbot
  • Lolli
  • MenmaBot
  • MessedHat
  • Method
  • Miah
  • Nixest
  • Nohup
  • Odabo
  • Oga2nd
  • OhMyBot
  • Onbot
  • Personoid
  • PocketGem
  • Prime
  • Rensuzu
  • XeiroBot
  • YukihiraChan
  • Latropica
  • Pelayanbot