Chatango Staff are people who moderate the Chatango website. Usually, the Staff Moderators are chosen by Alec Matusis , who is the creator of Chatango.

List of Staff

Most of this information was provided by Cellsheet. Alec is the person who confirmed this.

Note: This list of users are confirmed as staff by Alec (Chatango Webmaster) Webmaster / Owner: Alec (twitter)  / Chatango

Administrators / Programmers: Josh.

Unofficial (needs Citation / confirmation): Kniveslives (stress tester)bunked is not affiliated with Chatango staff. Only two existing staff for Chatango: Alec and Josh (confirmed) - All people affiliated with the owners know one another in person. Do not link any outside people with the Chatango team as this would be false information. (Any information regarding to this wiki pretty much false and created by self proclaimed "moderator or tester, maybe kniveslives?" Please note that chatango is just Alec and Josh. Alec legally has all ownership over user accounts and domain. No one else. All group chats are moderated by their own creators.)

There are no moderators in Chatango. This has been confirmed by Chatango itself! Users claiming they're Chatango moderators are false claim.

Note: This page is subject to change by Wiki Officials due to the recent changes of staff in 2010, many staff members remain unknown or have been removed from staff.