- Geno/Genocidalist/Aurelian

- Brett/Gearexx/Psi/Icarus/Utopia

- TetsuyaBlackout/Phi/Tetsuya

- Ironwings/Dreamweaver

The four of them are the most notable fighters in chatango for the last 10 years. With near immaculate, combat-rich background and ups and downs - be it to their reputation or standing in the mainstream community - especially Geno, whose standing fluctuated, they have seen the rise and falls of many communities and clans on chatango. They were almost always in the center of big changes or events in the combat RP community.

It isn't wrong to say their actions affected the combat RP community as a whole.

Shaping the RP community with their ambitions.

And, carrying years of chatango RP history behind their backs. For having participated in many community-wide conflicts with their respective groups all the way from Atlas and Axis to Grave and Vigilante.