Mouth was born in Venice, Italy. She lives with her mother, step-father, and her brother, Luciano. Mouth's mother decided to name the little shit Maja, because Maja is not a name you hear in a normal strip club. Maja is (suprisingly) hot, short, cocky, friendly, naive, over-protective, and very weird and alittle disturbing. But everyone from Italy is disturbing. Although her divergent traits and characteristics, Mouth actually has alot of friends, but from me talking to her for alittle bit, she often refers most of them as 'acquaintances', and actually refers a small group of them as her actual friends.

She's best friends with a 16 year old girl named Renea, who, from my knowledge, has known her for 3 to almost 4 years. From chat logs that Mouth has showed me of their chatting, they seem to have a very strong trust and bond for eachother, and often go to eachother for comfort or help. Assuming by their dialouges, Mouth seems to be, or acts, as the dominant and motherly one, whereas Renea is the more childish and problematic one, though it's shown that they often switch roles.

Mouth owns about 8 or 9 accounts, her main being Mouth and her side being Yoga, though she often uses Coolrezi, being her Homestuck roleplay account.

Mouth seems to have a very strong love for WWE, Pokemon, Skyrim, Hetalia, Anime, Homestuck, and Steven Universe, so if you do message her, beware that she might go off on a tanget about WWE.

She has insomnia, hence why she's on Chatango for most of the day and night (In Italy time). She also has a habit of not knowing where boundaries lie, or when to stop, but this only happens in extreme cases. She also has a confidence issue, though she likes to hide it behind a dominate, 'cool', and aloof facade. One of her main problems is that she often forgets her own feelings to help others, especially if it's Renea. During one of her problematic times, (from chat logs she has shown me), she refused to cry, and even though Renea said it was 'Okay to' and to 'Just let it out', she kept stating that she didn't cry and that it wasn't that big of a problem, though later on did she reveal that she had been crying during the whole conversation.

My assumption on her is that she's a very fun loving girl, who goes out of her way to help people she holds dear, even though she does have a few bad habits here and there.