Micah is a veteran Chatango user. They have been on the site for the entire duration of it's existence, but are quite elusive, having hopped from account to account before settling down. They own a few originals, Micah, Egbert, Cottonguard, Epidemic, and also a few accounts for roleplaying, such as Kxnma. They are an avid Homestuck roleplayer, and Egbert was their first original. gifted to them by Chatango user Dirk.

Micah is a member and regular at Boarroom, and they are very close withRegulus, Kankri, Violation, Courtnay, Hatshe, Movsx, Maxotyi, Lollipop, Fwaa, Tenoh, Crossing, and Dirk. They are also friends with Lumirayz, coder of Botteh.

The user groups Micah belongs to are Pink Ladies and »BP«™.


Micah is probably one of the more unapproachable users on Chatango. They are pretty withdrawn, and only make friends with people of very specific types. Even then, they find it hard to keep them, and are kind of a chatroom vagrant, moving around from social group to social group rather frequently due to this.

Getting on their bad side is extremely easy, and on the good side takes far more effort.

But if you're on their good side they won't hesitate to help you out or be a steady and constant presence in your life.

They hate people who are consistently complaining/sad/miserable, as they have moved on from those kinds of friend groups in order to attain self love and happiness.

Micah also resides on tumblr and is fairly popular there, being friends with such users like brodingershat, prince-kel, and faygo-fuckyourself.