Mariano was born in the beautiful yet dirty land of Mexico. Both of his parents weak and poor, they barely had enough tacos for themselves, let alone a baby, So they decided to do the right thing and fedex little Mariano to America. There, Mariano learnt how to live, walk, do crack, and above
all... He learnt how to work for white people. By the time he was 16, he'd saved up enough money that he could finally buy what he'd been dreaming of ever since he arrived in America... A laptop. As soon as Mariano came home from the street corner, he got in bed and dreamt all about his new laptop he was going to buy.

The next day, Mariano shot out of bed and rushed to Walmart and got his the laptop he had been dreaming of. 

Now, Mariano became quite good with laptops and PC's alike. Though one day, he came across a chat site that stunned his small man-child mind... The site they called... Chatango... To Mariano, this site was strange and alien to him, he couldn't even pronounce the name. 

Mariano kept using this site, making friend after friend as he did. And then one day, Mariano and one of his friends named Cy had a great idea!

At frist Mariano thought of this idea as retarded and helmet like, but after an hour or so, he saw that this idea Cy had.... Was actually genius.

Cy and Mariano had now become partners... Partners in the buisness of Stripogrophy, yes that's right Mariano had become a stripper.. His name was to be!!!!! Magic Mari! From then on, Mariano grew.. And grew, untill everyone knew the name.. 'Magic Mari'. Cy and Mariano continue to cyber and plan to meet  to have gay buttsex. 


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