Kwilkwar (Real name Kyle) is a fucking pedophile and an ugly coward who tried to ask a 14 year old to have sex and be his girlfriend after one chat. 

14 Year Old Decoy (1:19:24 AM): im 14 tho is that ok

kwilkwar (1:19:37 AM): Woah

kwilkwar (1:19:53 AM): I mean.. I don't mind if you don't.. ><

kwilkwar (8/24/18 3:54:48 AM): I really want you even though it's really soon

14 Year Old Decoy (8/24/18 3:55:01 AM): like move in wit u

kwilkwar (8/24/18 3:55:18 AM): Like as a gf o.o

kwilkwar (8/24/18 3:49:42 AM): Hehe I'd be even more nice inside of you xD

14 Year Old Decoy (8/24/18 3:49:54 AM): huh wut do u mean lols

kwilkwar (8/24/18 3:50:12 AM): Lol you know what I mean ;P

14 Year Old Decoy (8/24/18 3:50:21 AM): um no lols ur confusin me

kwilkwar (8/24/18 3:51:03 AM): I'm saying you'd like me even better if my thing was inside of you

kwilkwar (8/24/18 3:31:58 AM): Definitely ;) we won't need protection xD

​​​​​​​14 Year Old Decoy (8/24/18 3:33:00 AM): wut like security guards :O

kwilkwar (8/24/18 3:34:01 AM): No like a different kind of protection o.o

14 Year Old Decoy (8/24/18 3:34:42 AM): o like wut

kwilkwar (8/24/18 3:35:05 AM): Like o.o a condom xD

14 Year Old Decoy' '(8/24/18 3:35:13 AM): o ok

kwilkwar (8/24/18 3:35:38 AM): So you don't want one?

14 Year Old Decoy' ' (8/24/18 3:36:41 AM): um idk if u want

kwilkwar (8/24/18 3:37:25 AM): If I could I'd wanna go raw >\<


Feel free to harass anytime.