KristyTheEevee is a very playful young female Eevee who loves glitter. Like, a lot. Just don't call her by her full name. It pisses her off.

The Basics of Kristy!

There are some things Kristy likes and dislikes... Well, more like love and hate... Anyways, here goes!


One of Kristy's best friends! The two girls are going to meet in the Summer.

1. Glitter!

2. Cookies.

3. Her best friends. They're all sisters with her except Ria, RavenI'm not your friend?? D: ~pika

4. Her fur designs.

5. Momma Espeon!~ Sweetie is the best mother Kristy could ever have.

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Momma and I

Momma! :3 Best Espeon to grace the planet.

Jigo and I~

Dis pic.

  1.  People who don't like her for who she is.
  2.  When her friends are sad.
  3. People that godmod extremely. She doesn't mind slight godmodding, but when you use moves that are like, way from the movepool, it just turns into bs.
  4. Hugs from people who aren't on her hug list. You know who you are.
  5. Rude people. 
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About Kristy: Kristy is an Eevee who sometimes randomly evolves for no damned reason. Her body has a strange aura that when in tight situations, sometimes changes Kristy to help. Also, she changes when she feels she doesn't fit in.
Teh Eevee


Kristy Gijinka

Kristy's gijinka form. She has never gone into this form yet.

Kristy's friends: Her best friends are usually people who are just as crazy as she is. She may or may not have become more crazy by befriending them as well, such as making Nutella moustaches and becoming an anime addict. Her normal friends can just barely contain her, though.

Kristy's family: Don't ask. All she knows is her direct family.


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