Kit is a chatango user who originated from an unknown chat. He can be quite argumentative at times and this lead to him angering the chatango mafia. The chatango mafia pursued him relentlessly for many years and turned him into a broken man. Due to the mafia having roots all over chatango, Kit had very little places to go. Luckily for him he discovered a chat known as Novastorm where he claimed asylum from the chatango mafia. In his new sanctuary Kit felt the need to tell everyone in Nova about the threat they were ignorant of but most could not understand or chose not to listen. Suddenly out of nowhere an army of chatango mafia goons showed up and they began to harass Kit and defile the fertile lands of Nova. This did not last long however, as they were swiftly and humanely dealt with by the Novians. Even after the events that unfolded that day, Kit cannot easily let go of the terror the chatango mafia left within his heart. The chatango mafia have also caused him to develop extreme paranoia. Whenever he closes his eyes he can hear them. Whenever he opens his eyes he can see them. Whenever he enters a chat he ends up talking to them. There is no escape from the chatango mafia. They do not forgive, they do not forget... and they will roast you boi




The first thing Kit says upon entering a chat is always "Smh". This is speculated to mean "Super magical hello", but we are not quite sure yet.

He also has a fear of jail.