Kazu is one of the more popular and well built chat bots. He runs as MechaBot and is created by Natsume. He is the only that has an RPG system built into it, and also the first one to come up with RPG. Aside from RPG, Mechabot also pioneered the currency system, which is currently viral amongst bots in Chatango, used by URI, Botteh and numerous of bots, as witnessed and confirmed by almost over 70 people that used to hangout in botplayzone. 

Kazu is run by a group known as Kazu Interactive (formerly known as KazuGroup) which actively updates Kazu over time. They are also recognized as 'group with creativity' where most content that are used by common known bots today in Chatango.

Current Development (2014 - current)

For previous achievements and contributions of Chatango, please refer resource link below.

In 25 August 2014, Kazu Interactive announced that they have officially partnered up with FunnyJunk, internet most viral images, to deliver FunnyJunk's content to Chatango. This breakthrough of successful funnyjunk's content delivery to Chatango makes Kazu as the very first one to be able to connect/deliver to FunnyJunk. (image attachment below)



More information of this bot is available on Kazu Interactive's official wiki: