Kato is a very....stubborn...weird and somewhat perverted flareon as some might say? She was one of a few pokemon who enetered Eevee Clan from the beginning. This includes Dagger,Violet,Eclipse,Piks,Stealthy, and Espe ( I am pretty sure there was more but I can't remember.) Since then, drama occured ALOT in the clan, she would usually rage. Kato usually can handle the drama but....well later (maybe a 3 months I think) she left and nobody really knows why. Some may say it was because of the 'drama'. Others say it was because she was called a guy (Which usually she is called). Many say otherwise!


Well, really Kato was a softy on the inside that cared alot for others. Sometimes she may go crazy when talking in the Eevee Clan. .But this is what she thinks. If anyone really wants to try and guess her personality go ahead and edit. Pe

My few last words

(Will soon be here!!! YOU MUST WAIT)


  • She owns a few originals. Such as Embersfall,Embersrise,Furfet and a few more.