Josh is a programmer and also an administrator of Chatango.[1]

He is also the Co-CEO of Chatango*. He is famous for helping Alec, founder of Chatango, resolving some technical-related matters, but mostly develops Chatango. Although he is seem to be ignorant, but he may come and help in case if Alec is not present. Josh will may ignore if it comes to Chatango affairs, but he may help on technical side of Chatango such as bugs and malfunctions. This can be seen as he was spotted in kazuplayground trying to find out a rate limit bug that happens mysteriously.he also posted a girl nudes


Josh is trying to clarify a problem of auto-moderation 1 hour before release into Chatango - September 18, 2014


Josh appears as anon, testing for a rate-limit bug in kazuplayground - May 1st, 2014