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On Chatango, Jackers are people who are known for pretending to give an account, but end up not doing so. This usually happens during trading or purchasing accounts from other users (not from Chatango itself). When trading accounts, a Jacker will ask for the password from the other person, but will not give their account's password. When buying accounts, a Jacker will ask for the payment, and never give the requested account to the user who paid him.

It is very common for people within chat rooms to claim their account was "hacked", even though they have given the password to the other person, meaning it was therefore jacked.

Usually, if an account is taken by a Jacker, it is nearly impossible to receive the account back, since Chatango itself does not help if you were a victim of a Jacker (in their "account issues" section, they also state "This form is only for original accounts purchased from Chatango).

Due to Jackers, it is recommended to pay a lot of caution when trading, buying or selling accounts.

Colin is no longer a jacker (account has new owner). This page will be updated frequently for more info on jackers go here

List of Well Known Jackers

The user Pain was added out of mistake or personal spite. Please do not readd his name. -Crucifix


  • Kaze (Leon)
  • Dave (Kaneki)
  • Vince
  • Ban
  • Drake
  • Seme
  • Bastard
  • Lane
  • Daniel (Villain)

Signs of account "jacking" or "hacking"

  • If the account says "This account has been locked by chatango due to *insert reason here*"
  • If the account has no profile or image and has never been online.

In all cases chatango does not lock accounts for anything other than porn. You are able to buy said accounts without worry from chatango regardless of what the profile mini and full says about it being locked. When chatango locks the account it isn't even seen by anyone. It's mini will be gone and the account will have seemed to never have existed. Accounts that are locked by chatango cannot be recreated.

More will be added.

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