JBug 20 was a guy that went on chatango. JBug 20 started playing a game named The Blockheads. He joined a server named Furry Survival when he found 2 people named Dragonite1127 and 99Wolves building a house together. They then became friends. About a month later,a kid named Bananas_Rule and Yan joined the server and then made there way when they found the 3 building a skyscraper. Yan started to mess around with Dragonite1127 in Furry Lake,later everyone realised that Yan swears a lot to people. Meanwhile Bananas_Rule was making a garden and was even fishing in the lake named Furry Lake.  Then one day, 99Wolves told everyone that he goes on a website named Chatango. They all joined and were playing on chatango for 4 months. In November,99Wolves announced that he would leave Chatango on Tuesday November 14th,2016. When he made the announcement of leaving Chatango,JBug 20, Yan,and Bananas_Rule announced that they would leave Chatango on Thursday November 16th,2016.About 2 hours after the announcement of leaving Chatango,JBug 20 announced that he,yan ,and Bananas_Rule were going to move to a moble website named Discord. The next day, 99Wolves announced he would also move to Discord. On Sunday April 23,2017,99Wolves announced he would come back to Chatango to make a chat that would open sometime in May.