Index is coming to a discord near you soonTM Index#5811

Index was made by Belldandu to make chats more enjoyable and easier to mod from phones back when chatango had only its flash chat. Over the past 4 years index has been in and out of chat rooms (mostly because of mistakes).

Index was known on several accounts before April 15th 2012 and was not a very big bot because of this constant changing of accounts.

Index was known as Librorum at one point in 2015.

Index which started on June 24th 2007 was originally a bot started as a hobby to pass the time. On Febuary 5th 2014 index became moderation bot for friends so they could mod from their phones. On January 1st 2015 index started to open up to regular users. Now index is beginning to cater to both mods and users although this is still in the works. Index has probably the most feature rich library due to the owners vast knowledge of the chatango protocol. The same cannot be said about commands though as the owner has hit a few rough spots which halted development several times.

Index's Development on Chatango has been completely stopped as of June 4th 2016 mostly because chatango has a shitty protocol and I've had enough of the bullshit and, because of toxic users. See image Below.

Selection 010

Index's Changelog the changelog is currently offline and will be online again soonTM

Index's Development on discord Officially started July 27th 2016 and is in closed Beta at this point.