Impure joined chatango in 2010. They have been elusive with account activity and have changed accounts numerous times until settling with Impure, an account that was received by an unknown friend. Other accounts that he has owned were cloodystrifffe, bigtittiedslut4u, shikired, tncshiki, and staykawaii. Though some of his accounts were used for trolling, he used most for role play and chatting.

Impure was a brief member of boarroom. He was close to users such as Riyu, Arathka, Tsubasasatou,Oliies, Reznex, Servant.


Impure is usually a friendly user who is easy to approach. He is very in touch with other people and uses comedy as a way to get people to warm up to him. He will only make friends with people who stay around and are active on the site.

Getting on his bad side is extremely easy, however. He has no tolerance for people who are rude to others and who complain about everything/everyone. He has been known to give the cold shoulder to people he dislikes or verbally insult them for harming a friend.

But if you're on their good side they won't hesitate to help out with certain situations.

He hates Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Homestuck, and generic popular anime. He's a fan of older anime, community, breaking bad, The Office.