"May he forever stay dead" - Minikally

"You are a shit cupid" - Vivian

"You're an annoying retard" - Vivian

"Dw about it or figure it out" - Rusher93

He was Chatango's silent protector, the hero Chatango deserved but not the one it needed at the time. He is best known for spreading love all over the site, even though misunderstood, he was still dedicated to the cause. His great power corrupted his mind, later being banished to a dark place filled with love that will never happen as a result. The one that banished him was Minikally, also known as Redhood, Cupid's former deciple that felt pain in watching The Great powers being used as a tool for trolling poor people like Yusuf. Cupid is now spreading love in his pit of darkness trying to save The souls of his new heartbroken friends.