Haqua is a bot for Chatango made by ShiroeHellscythe with Python 3 and the help of TheClonerx. The project was first launched on 11/20/2016 with the name "Project Veracrow".

General Purpose

  • Haqua was developed with the purpose of helping group owners/moderators by auto-moderating their chats and helping users with some tasks.

Specific Purposes

  • Auto-ban spammers from the room.
  • Having an advanced auto-moderation to help room owners/moderators.
  • Help users with tedious tasks.
  • Entertain users.
  • Teach..............


  • Author: ShiroeHellscythe (Etihw)
  • Help: TheClonerx
  • Inspiration: AkasakiRyuu
  • Inspired on: Reitia
  • Artwork: Akiro
  • HTML/Profile: ViPRafael
  • Staff TEAM
    • General Administrator
      • ShiroeHellscythe (Etihw)
      • Marilink
    • Administrator
      • TheClonerx
    • General Moderator
      • AkasakiRyuu
      • Akiro (Rawberry)
      • BellZeus (Satanick)
      • ChesusK (Ivlis)
      • Sakujitsu
    • Testers
      • Tite05 (Yosafire)
      • ViPRafael
    • Helper
      • Macarona
      • Reficul
  • Programming language: Python 3.6.X
  • Special thanks to: TheBotx, Milton797, Marilink, Silviaarg, MidoriYadeku99, NOSoba, old users from JKanimeco and the one who's spending his/her time to read this.


  • You can use Haqua as soon as you see it. She stores basic information automatically, so a registration isn't really necessary.
  • The only "level system" in Haqua is the one that she uses for STAFF members. Normal users have access to all of her public commands without any restriction (unless one or more are in maintenance, or the owner does not allows it).


  • Haqua's birthday is 11/20/2016.
  • Haqua's first name was Veracrow.
  • The first Chat Home was or
  • TheBotx is Haqua's senpai.
  • RoryMercury797 is Haqua's sister.
  • Narbot is Haqua's boyfriend.
  • This is the Chat Home.