HTML Coding, (short for HyperText Markup Language), is a markup language used to create web sites.

The profile editor in Chatango's website supports HTML, and a variety of other sorts of markup languages, and thus is seen in the profiles of many Chatango users. HTML Coding can be used in different ways, like for show.

Common HTML Codes

  • <font face="add font name here">add here another code or the text</font>
  • <font color="font color OR an html color code">'add here another code or the text</font>
  • <i>add here another code or the text s
  • <img src="a link to a picture (ending with e.g. ".png")>
  • <div align="<i>add e.g. 'center'  to have the content centered">'add here another code or the text</div>
  • <a href="here you can add a link">'add here another code or the text you want the viewer to click on to lead them to the link</a>

 if you want a video from a website like youtube, just go to "share" and then "embed" and enter that code in your profile

Custom Profile

If you don't want to pay for a full profile then you can use Chatango Themes. The codes are sent to your email. Users are advised to use fake details for everything except the email address since that is all that is needed. For more information, visit the FAQ page.

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