Hmado, also known as Ahmed or Angery sand is one of the admins of the chat known as Novastorm. He is the self proclaimed "Nova King" but he is also referred to as "The King of Sand". He entered chatango through a chat known as WPE during 2012, but he was ruthlessly bullied and outcast by the regulars there due to his poor English. This persecution eventually ended with him being banned from WPE so he was left outcast where he drifted through many pokemon battling communities. Eventually he started talking to an old acquaintance known as Unright and they became friends.

Sand Dad

Sand Dad's anger due to his son Hmado not revising hard enough for his upcoming exams.

As time passed his English skills had greatly improved. He later, along with the user Unright founded a new friendly pokemon battling community known as Novastorm during 2014. The chat slowly began to attract more members and Hmado eventually traversed from an underdog to a glorious leader. His rise from nobody to somebody was similar to that of the Slumdog Millionaire.

HMado was taught to play Pokémon by many users including JD, Charizardf1 and Reksel. He calls Charizardf1 his sensei, because he not only trained him in Pokémon, but also in Smash.



Hmado often enjoys to play Megaman.

Gaming (pokemon, smash, megaman, fire emblem)

Blowing shit up

Beheading infidels


"I'm in croc"

"The skyz the limit"


"Narnia where ??? Asia Africa ???"



Hmado backwards is "Odamh".

He happens to own cave internet.

Sand runs through his veins.