Full Profile Example

An Example of a Full Profile

A Full Profile is the complete profile of a user. Any user's full profile can be viewed by clicking their avatar either in a chat or on their PMs page. Alternatively, they can be viewed by going to a direct link such as "".


Similar to other social networking sites, Chatango's Full Profile feature allows users to view a page customized and decorated by the profile owner for display purposes. A basic full profile will usually display the person's avatar, age, gender and location, along with whatever info they added to their about me section, as well as anything visible in the main profile section. Users can put most anything they want to their profile including text, pictures, videos, widgets, etc. as long as the content adheres to Chatango guidelines. To add to their full profile, users can go to the Edit Profile option on their PMs page.

Main Profile

Chatango's Full Profile feature supports HTML, CSS, and javascript, which allow users to further edit their profiles and style the pages to their own liking. It is common for users to either redirect to or embed external webpages such as such as those hosted on sites like Wix or Weebly.

Another one, Script-ango Hosted at has plenty of tutorials, full profiles (Chatango themes), and allows you to have them with only a click of a link. Video tutorials, images, etc.

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