Firefighterm, also known as Austin (not to be confused with Autism) is a chatango user who originated from the chat Youtopia. Here was where he spent a lot of his time and where he made many friends. During this time the creepy old admin known as Joe brainwashed Austin into playing video games defensively. Although this may sound harmless, it had long lasting effects and now he struggles to play games the way he wants to play them. Years after the events at Youtopia, Austin now hangs out at a chat called Nova where he battles and talks to many other people with similar interests. Sadly however, he is still unable to figure out his play style.

The Dilemma

"I am still trying to figure out my play style. At first I always thought I played defensively but this is not always good. Maybe I need to play more offensively? Hmm, I don't know if I am fully cut out for defence. How would you describe my play style? I am trying to be less defensive. Maybe I am better playing just defence. I am still trying to figure out my play style. I am going to play more offensively from now on. Maybe I shouldn't always focus on defence? I have a defensive play style. I need to work on being more balanced and not focus so much on defence. I need to be less defensive. I will stop focusing so much on play styles. I think I am better at defence." -Austin 2013-2017