Example Group is a chat room that Chatango checks occasionally.

One of the several ways to get Chatango's/Alec's (Owner of chatango) attention. In early 2015, Alec actually visited the chat more actively and responded to the users who @mentioned him ( Such as → "@Chatango" or "@Alec". ). At the time, he was seeking several chatango app testers. Also this was rare, If you were in the chat at the RIGHT time, you could catch him in there and engage in conversation with him only if your messages were clear and relevant regarding the site. As the year progressed to late summer 2015 he made less and less appearances in the chat.

In late Jan 2015, Alec finally lifted the PMR (Private Message Restricted / Restriction) for every user due to a huge number of complaints about it. However, PMR can be caught again easily. More and more users would stop by the chat and request for unPMR. Alec would lift every PMR monthly or every 2 months. But that may not have slowed down the unPMR requests. Right now the chatroom is just a "PMR removal room" Instead of it's actual purpose which was to get feedback, reports of bugs/glitches, and site recommendations from the users.