TheRealDawn145 (chatango) is a user on Chatango.

RP History

TheRealDawn145's evil side came into play 4 years ago when she was exposed to Dark Powers.

This was caused due to her Rp boyfriend dumping her, which made Dawn145 feel scared and alone in the world. But one day she found he is cheating on her with Dawn145's best friend ImEmerald/I

Mad EvilDawn145

mEmerald2, but little did Dawn and Emerald know they where both being cheated on at the same time. Both thought the guy was Rp dating anyone eles, turns out he was.

Dawn145 though she would never love someone again because off the guy. When he said he was sorry Dawn145 couldn't belive what he said and started to turn evil and get mad.

Later that day she waited for him to appear on chat as well as, 20 friends.. Dawn145 was that mad she couldn't help but attack in self defense because

  1. He Hurt her
  2. he attacked her friend's
  3. The guy was jelious off me and my new boyfriend.
  4. He Rp killed Dawn145's friend ImEmerald2 - and Dawn145 herself
  5. The person faked some stuff

Later on a few months later he forced Dawn145 to date him or she would be hurt, scared and frigttened Dawn145 got mad and nearly Rp fought him but she was quick to relizse she didn't want to. Next he did the same to ImEmerald2.

Then it was a "Love Triangle" both Dawn and Emerald couldn't take much more and Rp attacked him becuase they were too hurt.

Then he forced Dawn145's boyfriend to leave which made her depressed for 3 years and wouldn't be happy becuase of that day..

She was scraed to be online and left for a year scared off everything. Her friends have helped Dawn145 so much and I would like to thak them for everything!

So this how Evil Dawn145 became to be.

4 Years Later (still editing)

Four years after the events off the past, Dawn145 has decided herself to helping anyone in anyway, but she still feels pain and hurt from her Rp past she still can't trust him or any boyfriend she may have (I couldn't blame her)

Now she is somewhat better

From a freind (Delete this if you want)

Dawn is a Freindly person No matter what she is Sometimes Quiet but is Happy to be aorund, She is one of the sweetest people to speak to and has healed from the events 4 years ago.