Warning: This isn't confirmed. Enforcers are not verified and may not exist.

What are Enforcers?

Enforcers are the newest idea to! They live to serve under the new code of conduct. If you are needing help because somebody wont leave you alone then you can find an Enforcer. Enforcers tell they are Enforcers somewhere in their profile and by their approval, other Enforcers will know if they are fake or not. If they are fake and put on a profile after editing it in the edit box, then you wont see your Enforcer name for long. Only real Enforcers are noticed, trust us as we have good eyes. Enforcers that are fake shall be asked to remove the word Enforcer from their profile or else be reported to the owner of and/or someone as high as him!

List of Enforcers



Code of conduct

-Showing soon-