Eis is a mysterious user. He is mostly classified as a high level chat troll and has been banned for numerous chat sites and goes by the self given title "OG of Chatango" (more like cancer of chatango). The chats he go to that he trolls he seems to deem that they are not good chats so he trolls the mods and users to drive the chat to get himself banned. Once he is banned for a chat the trolling does not usually stop as he pms most of the users and mods and harasses them constantly until he is either unbanned or he will continue. The major chat sites eis has been perma banned are tvanimefreak,dubbed anime, numerous other chat sites mention that Eis is considered by the people a "Cancer of Chatango" and an utterly deplorable wankstain who needs to get a life. Hes also called #EisTheAttentionWhore.