Drama is something that is unnecessary and yet happens a lot on chats. Moderators usually ban or permaban if the drama gets out of hand. Drama is basically when someone takes something out of complete context and makes it into a huge debate on chat and usually makes others unhappy or pissed with the chatroom. It might even make them (sometimes permanently) leave the chat, in order to evade drama.

Problems With Drama

New users to Chatango will obviously feel uncomfortable with drama, and will not revisit a chat, which is harmful to a chat's reputation. Very famous chats suffer from drama, and have recently started making rules against it. Drama is uncomfortable to newer users, as stated before.

Roleplaying Chat Rooms, however, accept drama, as long as it is part of the roleplay. However, in bad roleplay chatrooms, it is it extremely common that drama happens more outside of RP than in RP.

Causes Of Drama

The reason why a portion of people visit Chatango is because they have personal problems. They may not have friends on Chatango, so they go attention seeking or attacking the users they are jealous of.

That makes other people on the chat upset, which gets into an argument that can also develop into a long fight within to a war campaign. This is one of the MILLIONS of reasons why drama can happen on Chatango.

Examples of Drama

Drama can happen too many times for incredibly stupid reasons, with some people trolling and hacking peoples' valuable accounts for the sake of angering the hacked person.

Nobody cares about your pokemon stuff is a very valid non-flame point in an entirely useless article.