Dragonite1127 who is also known as "Spongebobfan1127" and "Dracool" is a user who originated from PEO. He soon later found his way to a chat known as Youtopia. Many people in this chat found him quite annoying and this lead to him being banned by his own RP father (Charizardf1) for 2 years. Eventually he found his way to a chat known as Nova by using Bros to find his father. The people of Nova still found him as annoying as the people from Youtopia but tried to accept him for the way he was. He was often seen within his cancerous trio of 99wolves and kittycatismine. Although how annoying he was, people couldn't help but feel sorry for him as he would often tell us stories from his past of how he was abused. Stories such as the time his father slapped him with a towel and the time his teacher in school told him to search up porn for money. These tragic occurrences made him question his sexuality so after taking an online sexuality test he declared himself "30% gay". He also admitted to many of his friends that he found porn boring and he wished it included more action such as swords. Eventually people lost their temper and Dracool was ran out of his new home by a mob of angry novians. This lead to him taking a break from Nova which gave everybody in the chat time to realise what they lost. There was only one Dracool and they chased him away. After about a month he returned and almost everyone was glad to see him back. He currently spends his time watching ecchi anime with poor storylines with his friends on a website known as with HMado and kittycatismine



His hobbies include:

  • Watching ecchi anime with poor storylines
  • Watching videos on with Kittycatismine and HMado
  • Fangirling over leafyishere and keemstar
  • Saying awkward things
  • Porn with swords
  • Gaming (Smash, Roblox, Blockheads, and pokemon)
  • Uploading new videos onto his youtube channel













"lets rabbit"