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Dead Accounts, are accounts that were created by users, but have been abandoned. Once

Here is an example of a dead account.

they hit 100 days of being inactive, they are considered Dead. One of Chatango's most recent features is the ability to buy these accounts. If a username you wanted had already been created, but the user has not logged onto it for 100 days and does not have an active chat, you are allowed to buy that account.

Buying Dead Accounts

The feature is located in your Profile/PM page, or on html5 chats. For information on how to find it, see here.

  • Once there, simply input the names of the accounts you want. The total cost of the accounts is displayed below, and the prices vary depending on how many accounts you buy:
Amount Price
1 $20
2 $26
3 $30
4 $34
5 $37
6 $41
6 $45
7 $48
15 $65

Each account also needs an email, as Chatango will email you the temporary password for each account to each of the assigned emails. Each account must have a different email, that isn't already being used by a preexisting account. Afterwards, another input will pop up requiring you to give backgrounds to a varying amount of people. Once done, simply choose the preferred paying method and the passwords will be sent.

Buying Dead Chatrooms

It is possible to buy dead chats for $20 if the following conditions are met:

  1. Inactive owner (100+ days. Mods don't matter.)
  2. Chat had been inactive for a complete year. (Not a single sent message for an entire year. Deleting all messages won't help at all.)

If the inactive owner's account is bought, the chat will delete itself. There's your chance to remake it. The owner's account will be cleaned and closed. No temp pass will be sent to your email. There's no clear explanation for whether this is a glitch or intentional by Chatango, but it is certain the chatroom will delete once bought. Whatever happens to the owner's account varies.

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