Cinnamon (chatango) is a user on Chatango. However she has been on hiatus for a long number of months, and therefore isn't as active as she used to be. Prior to this, she was/is a social butterfly who often floated around chatrooms in the few years she's been online. It should also be noted that she's an avid, literate role-player who prefers plot development and values character depth above all else. Nowadays, she can be found on her main account Cinnamon within the private messages, or she can be found role playing in few, populated chat rooms.

She first joined Chatango in 2010.


She is currently a student (18 years) in her Senior (12th) Grade of High School. Due to difficulties in her off-screen life, she has been coming on less and less. She can still be contacted through Discord if it's been requested.


She's a generally sweet girl, initially polite and lively to a fault. She's optimistic and enjoys talking with people, however can occasionally comes off as obnoxious and annoying to some. Unfortunately, she can be fairly indifferent and though she's more than willing to listen to someone's troubles and problems, it should be noted that she won't simply keep her mouth shut. She's open-minded and more than willing to listen to ideas, take feedback and criticism. She also seems to take joy in the occasional debates as well-- Assuming you can catch her online, that is.


These are the groups she has affiliated with in the past, from the year she joined to the year she officially left. Said groups are more often role playing groups, comprised of both strangers and friends.

Name Position Joined Left
Vetiver Academy Student 2014 2017
The Crimson Brigade Medical 2015 2015
The Seven Sins Gluttony 2014 N/A


  • She's owns a fair amount of originals and is more than willing to sell them; unfortunately she's not open to trading them.
  • Other accounts she uses are:
    • Acceptable
    • Gemstone
    • Licorice
    • Palette
    • Stardust
  • She's floated around a couple of chatrooms in her time, few of them being:
    • (Previous Mod) The Eevee Clan
    • (Previous Mod) The True Bar
    • Vetiver Academy
    • Tifa's Bar
    • GuildxFairytail
    • FTHQ
  • She is capable of both multiple paragraph role play and one-liner role play; along with everything in between.
  • She has been noted for her soft and Lolita-type voice, however it can be easily adjusted to be lower if/when needed.
  • She is a beginner in coding for full profiles and mini profiles.
    • Unfortunately she's quite lazy and refuses to put in more work than she should when practicing.