Calcium by taiyakidesu-d5ae94c
Calcium, (also called Cal, Cali, Calc or Milk) is someone who enjoys Manga comics and Japanese Anime and also enjoys Manga/Anime games and currently owns some for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Calcium also enjoys Roleplays from time to time, and is currently a character that owns the title as 'God' in terms to fit the 'rival' role for the account 'Siffer', since the roleplayer plays as the character, the devil himself 'Lucifer'.


Calcium in terms of Roleplay is a gendershifter and in roleplay and out, is a very outgoing and serious person, who will listen to everyone's problems, however if you don't listen to Calcium in response to your problems, whether it be solving the situation or telling you how stupid your problem is, you will end up being mentally destroyed.

Chats Found on the Most!

You will also find Calcium the most in the chats eternallabyrinth. Though while watching Anime, Calcium will most likely be found on animeultimacom.

Level of Badassery!

Over 9000! Especially when is eating Chocolate! When forced to drink Milk (Hates it!), Calcium annihilates everything in sight as well strip you naked.

Account List

Calcium - (Original)