Bugs are errors in a system or device, similar to a glitch.

List of Bugs

In Chatango, bugs are like on any other device--they're errors. The following is a list of bugs on Chatango.

It's over 9000!

Date and time the issue declared fixed:5/7/2015 - 2:36AM -5 EST Date and Time of Discovery: 5/6/2015 - 2:36AM -5 EST It's over 9000! is a bug discovered by kamijoutouma (now-fixed) dealing with the image size and parsing done by Chatango. This image is one of many that could wipe chats in HTML5; The reason is because the image is so large that Chatango cannot resize it. Basically, any image with a resolution either in height and/or width that is 8000px or greater will cause this glitch. The way to apprehend people who use this bug/exploit is to scroll up when it happens and ban the user who's post is blank (or you can just disable images)

This bug also affects personal messages.