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Belldandu is now on discord Belldandu | ベルダンディ#6148

Belldandu is my new main. KamijouTouma is my old profile. I still own this account though.

Owner of the bot Index (used to be known as librorum)

Index's Changelog the changelog is currently offline and will be online again soonTM

I can be a bit annoying at times. I have had my fair share of mistakes when it comes to making friends on chatango.
Used to be mainly in the chats

You used to be able to ask a mod to get ahold of me if you wanted to talk as I wouldn't respond to anyone I didn't know or wasn't been told about.

Relations and Qualities

Bot developers often stay in contact with each other, and some become friends. Belldandu is known to be friends with well known bot programmers such as Lumirayz, Sorch and Barrykun

Current activities

Working on new projects and rewriting Index for discord.