Bailey Morales Hafeez is a woman who enjoys misfits and skins just as much as the next guy. Its impressive shes come upon these shows because shes american. She sounds like a typical average american but she isn't fat. Bailey has a terrible british accent which is ironic because loathes the brits like all americans do.

This is Bailey's life story..

She was born on the 9th of June 1996, she was child of Andre and Adnan. It was against Adnan's religion to have gay sex so he abandoned Andre and Bailey. She only had 1 father for the rest of her life who was clinically depressed because he had a foot fetish and he had no partner. She spent her time on chatango cybering dudes who were twice her age because shes a boss. Bailey spent her days crying for Adnan, her father, she hated Andre because he was a terrible father. She loved a guy called James, whom she met on chatango. She stalked him ruthlessly none stop. Her days have come to watching Misfits and Skins, she has an obsession with fapping and peeing after fapping. She still exists to this very day, and stalks many people. Bailey is a threat to the world and you should beware of her.